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Course for Kindergarten Teachers

In the Course for Kindergarten Teachers, we train kindergarten teachers with high-level practical skills and specialization, and a comprehensive perspective on early childhood education. As part of this training, students develop the ability to understand young children and be very expressive. The course focuses on 3 steps: meeting young children, understanding their development, and becoming involved in real-world early childhood education. Students learn many things through interacting with children, and the course stresses the creative and hands-on aspects of "learning through real-world involvement in early childhood education." Students also develop knowledge and skills relating to school safety and crisis response.

The type of student we are looking for

-A person with the basic academic abilities needed to become a kindergarten teacher, and full of desire to master practical education skills
-A person with a strong desire to work in the kindergarten teaching profession, and the ability to maintain that commitment
-A person with a deep concern and interest in early childhood education
-A person who wants to learn through interaction with young children, and improve competence in specialized areas
-A person who has a deep interest in the play of children