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Music and Fine Arts

In the Music and Fine Arts Major, students can develop a high level of performance and creativity in the Art Studies Course, Music Course or Fine Arts and Calligraphy Course, and deepen their understanding and appreciation for artistic creation. We aim to train students to be creative leaders in 21st century art, in both theory and actual skills.

The type of student we are looking for:

-A person who wants to conduct theoretical research in orthodox art criticism, or on classical works of art or music
-A person who loves and has an awareness of the issues in a wide range of artistic fields such as video, folkloric performing arts and installations
-A person who sincerely understands the significance of learning music at a university, and can persistently stick with it, sparing no effort to develop advanced technique and musicality
-A person who wishes to acquire flexible thinking skills and aesthetic sensibility − outside the constrictions of conventional art − in a cross-disciplinary educational environment
-A person who is interested in calligraphy and has the desire and passion to be an expert possessing a broad range of specialized knowledge and technique
-A person who can share key words such as "sensibility," "intellect," "taste," and "passion."