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In the Health and Life Sciences Major, we aim to develop people who can contribute to society by actively working to create personal fulfillment and affluence in the fields of health science and life science, while coping with the various conditions of people's lives in today's rapidly changing society.
To help people live healthier, students systematically master a broad range of interdisciplinary knowledge and technology − primarily in the specialized fields of health and life sciences, but also including related sciences − and master practical skills so they can use their knowledge in various fields.

The type of student we are looking for:

-A person with strong concern and awareness for the various issues involved in health and living
-A person who can think very creatively and logically, without taking existing knowledge of health and living on faith, and who has high ethics and a sense of mission
-A person who wants to contribute to society by deepening their understanding of a specialized area relating to health and living, while retaining a broad perspective