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Mathematical Sciences

Mathematics is a subject of research in its own right, but it has also been developed as a way to understand natural phenomena. Today, the domain of the mathematical sciences has grown, and the field is needed in all areas of society to analyze complex social systems and forecast the future. In the Mathematical Sciences Major, students learn everything from foundations to applications of the mathematics which supports the mathematical sciences. We help them develop a flexible thought process, deepen their powers of logical and abstract thought, and investigate new, unknown fields.

The type of student we are looking for:

-A person with the basic academic capabilities and understanding to learn advanced mathematics
-A person with expressive skills to serve as the basis for mathematical abilities needed in the classroom or corporate settings
-A person who values abstract and logical thought, and can continue to think a problem through to a satisfactory solution
-A person with intellectual curiosity, and the ability to freely and flexibly generate out-of-the-box ideas
-A person with an interest in mathematical sciences, who wants to learn the truths of mathematics which never change with the times