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Course for Nurse Teachers

In the Course for School Nursing Teachers, students first develop a foundation in pedagogy, and then acquire basic knowledge and practical skills in a broad range of specialized fields such as medicine, nursing science and caregiving. In this way, we train school nursing teachers who have the resources to provide support while seizing various opportunities, so that children can acquire the ability to maintain and improve their health. Therefore, we aim to deepen students' learning in each specialized field, while building on a broad foundation of general education, and improve their practical abilities through hands-on training in a clinical (hospital) setting and in actual care for children. Students also develop knowledge and skills relating to school safety and crisis response.

The type of student we are looking for:

-A person with the basic academic abilities needed to become a school nursing teacher, and full of desire to master practical education skills
-A person with a strong desire to become a school nursing teacher and the ability to maintain that commitment
-A person who feels a calling to support the healthy school life of children
-A person with individuality who has the ability to cheerfully and warmly communicate with others
-A person with a positive and forward-looking approach to all things