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Course for School Teachers

In Course for Elementary and Junior High School Teachers, we endow students with a broad perspective and cultural literacy, and train them to be elementary and junior high school teachers with specialized knowledge and skills, and outstanding education and guidance capabilities. To achieve this, students first study general learning and basic subjects, and then they learn subjects relating to the teaching profession, and deepen their studies of a specialized field in the major to which they belong. Students also develop knowledge and skills relating to school safety and crisis response. An "elementary school course" and "junior high school course" are provided for most majors in this course. The "elementary school course" aims to train elementary school teachers with broad practical skills in education over a diverse range of subjects. The "junior high school course" aims to train junior high school teachers with outstanding education and student guidance capabilities focused on a specialized subject.

The type of student we are looking for:

-A person with the wide range of basic academic abilities needed to become an elementary school teacher, and full of desire to master practical education skills, while focusing on a field of specialization
-A person with the basic academic abilities needed to become a junior high school teacher, aptitude in a special field, and the desire to master education and guidance skills in that field
-A person with a strong desire to work in the teaching profession and the ability to maintain that commitment
-A person who feels a calling to be involved in the growth of children
-A person with individuality who has the ability to communicate with others
-A person familiar with and interested in schools and education due to their own experiences of school life