English Communication Course

English Communication Course, Global Education, Department of Educational Collaboration

International specialists who support education in the global age

Global Education strives to equip students with communication skills using English and other languages, cultural literacy grounded in the disciplines of cultural sociology, an education-focused mindset grounded in an interdisciplinary interest in education, and an ability to inclusively work with diverse partners. In a society that is experiencing increasing globalization, we are striving to cultivate individuals who can create new fields of education and educational activities in collaboration with schools and communities. The English Communication Course emphasizes English communication skills that can be used around the globe, and the cultivation of creativity, logicality, and positivity through Anglo-American liberal ideas. The Multicultural Literacy Course emphasizes the cultivation of communication skills and cultural literacy grounded in Japanese culture.

Prospective Students

  • Individual who wants to develop advanced English skills and a broad perspective, and who wants to support education and training in communities and schools in a society experiencing globalization
  • Individual who wants to play an active role on the world stage in a profession that uses the English language
  • Individual who has a deep interest in the cultures of Japan, Asia, and Europe, and in the future wants to be involved in various educational activities in the international community or in our increasingly globalized local communities and schools

Educational Goals 1

Develop advanced English communication skills

Students will thoroughly learn the four skills of English starting in their freshman year through access to expert teachers, including two native speakers of English, and a robust e-learning environment. While learning English in many classes on specialized topics, such as Seminar on English Linguistics, they will develop high level of English communication skills by the time they graduate through study abroad programs and language training at partner universities in the US, Australia, and Northern Europe.

Educational Goals 2

Develop problem-solving skills that can be used worldwide based on liberal ideas

Students will learn creative, logical ways of thinking using Anglo-American liberal ideas by developing a deep understanding of the languages, literature, and regions of the world, particularly the English-speaking world, through a variety of specialized subjects, like American Area Studies. They will learn problem-solving skills in classes like Education Collaboration Workshop and English and Education Project Seminar.

Educational Goals 3

Develop the ability to support education and study in partnership with schools, local communities, and the international community

Students will study the educational curriculum of English language departments through specialized courses such as Introduction to British and American Literature, and will learn to create English language materials using computers in classes like Language Communication II. They will develop educational collaboration skills by experiencing collaboration in the Education Collaboration Workshop, tutoring international students, and conducting joint projects with international students. Students can also obtain an English department teaching license.