Music Expression Course

Music Expression Course, Music and Fine Arts, Department of Educational Collaboration

Expressive artists with the ability to teach artistic creation

Music and Fine Arts Expression is comprised of two courses, the Music Expression Course and the Fine Arts Expression Course, in which students develop a deep understanding of and highly specialized skills in artistic creation in each area. The goal is to cultivate people who can engage in artistic expression with an education-focused mindset, who can eagerly participate in new education fields in the creation of new areas of education and sociocultural activities in collaboration with schools and local communities.
The Music Expression Course equips students with specialized knowledge, techniques, and skills related to music, cultivates aesthetically advanced education through the musical activities of children, and strives to cultivate individuals who will make efforts to solve problems related to music education, in collaboration with schools, families, communities, and society, through the planning and management of events, and the development of music teaching materials all aimed at improving the cultural awareness of communities through music.

Prospective Students

  • Individual who has an interest in the arts, and wants to contribute broadly to the development of education, arts, and culture
  • Individual who wants to use their strong skills of expression in specialized fields, obtained through music, to demonstrate teaching skills in the local community or a school environment
  • Individual who wants to solve diverse educational problems using their excellent communication skills in collaboration with others
  • Individual who seeks means of artistic expression in education and society through practical and sustainable activities
  • Individual who, in today’s increasingly complex society, wants to pursue and understand the essence of art, which gives nourishment for living a full human life

Educational Goals 1

Cultivating highly specialized musical skills

In Music Specialized Skills, students learn specialized skills in their respective musical area in individualized lessons. This class, offered over four years, is the most important class for enabling students to acquire a high level of proficiency. We also cultivate deep understanding of and sensitivity to artistic expression by having students take other practical skills classes and music theory classes.

Educational Goals 2

Improving our teaching skills and human resources

Students will develop musical communication skills in natural ways through group classes, like Orchestra, Choral Skills, and Chamber Music. In classes like Basic Workshop on Social Art Education Collaboration Activities, Piano Instruction Methods Project Workshop, and Extracurricular Activity Instruction Methods (Music), students will improve their interest in society and school, their ability to understand education, and will develop their own problem-solving skills.

Educational Goals 3

Connecting our schools and communities with the circle of music

In Social Art Education Collaboration Activities / Music, students will experience practical social contributions in the form of actual outreach activities, and through various sociocultural activities in schools and communities. They will use the skills typical of an expert to experience planning and managing events, and will expand their circle of various interactions that cultivate sensibility.

Areas of Study

Performance, Creative Arenas, Instruments (Piano, Winds, Strings, and Percussion), Vocal Music, Music Composition