Senior Shizen Daigakko and OKU exchange students decorate for Tanabata

OKU and Senior Shizen Daigakko held a Tanabata decorating event for OKU exchange students on July 1.
Amid the scent of bamboo leaves freshly cut the previous day, students joined members of Senior Shizen Daigakko to make colorful decorations and adorn bamboo branches with strips of paper on which they wrote wishes. This year, high school exchange students on a homestay program from Yao’s sister city Bellevue also participated in the event.
The wishes written on the Tanabata paper strips included hopes for a sweetheart, prayers for safety of family back home, and wishes to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, to find a job, and to become rich. The exchange students had a great time as group members thoughtfully showed them what to do, enjoying time with friends and learning about Japanese culture.
After the event and the customary commemorative photograph, they paid a visit to OKU President Kuribayashi and presented him with the Tanabata decorations.