Secondary Education

Secondary Education, Course for Elementary and Junior High School Teachers

Junior and senior high school teachers with strong practical skills in areas such as student guidance

The Primary and Secondary Education Major strives to cultivate primary school teachers who have a broad perspective, a strong liberal arts background, knowledge and skills related to primary and junior high school education, excellent teaching abilities in their area of expertise, and the ability to conduct classes in light of the cooperation between elementary and junior high school. Thus, students will, after taking their liberal arts and basic classes, study subjects related to the teaching profession, will gain knowledge and skills related to school safety and crisis management, and will deepen their study of their specialized fields in the course in which they are enrolled. Courses include School Education, Japanese Language Education, English Education, Social Studies Education, Mathematics Education, Science Education, Home Economics Education, Health and Physical Education, Music Education, and Art and Calligraphy Education.

Prospective Students

  • Individuals who have adequately acquired fundamental knowledge and skills in the subjects they took in high school.
  • Individuals who have a strong ambition to acquire the practical educational skills needed to become a primary school teacher or a junior high school teacher in their preferred areas.
  • Individuals who have a strong desire to work in the teaching profession, and who can maintain their interest in the field.
  • Individuals who have a sense of mission and passion to be involved in the growth of children.
  • Individuals interested in acquiring skills to communicate with people of diverse ages.
  • Individuals familiar with or interested in schools and education based on their own school experience.