Health and Physical Education Course

Health and Physical Education Course, Secondary Education

Teachers with robust teaching skills

The Health and Physical Education Course in the Secondary Education Major trains future junior high and senior high school teachers who have a broad perspective and strong liberal arts knowledge, excellent teaching skills particularly in their area of expertise, and the ability to teach students based on the continuum that exists between junior and senior high school. Thus, students will, after taking their liberal arts and fundamental classes, study subjects related to the teaching profession, will gain knowledge and skills related to school safety and crisis management, and will deepen study of their fields of specialization in their course.

Prospective Students

  • Individuals who have adequately acquired fundamental knowledge and skills in the subjects they took in high school.
  • Individuals who have a particular field of expertise and a strong ambition to acquire the practical educational skills needed to become a junior or senior high school teacher in that field.
  • Individuals who have a strong desire to work in the teaching profession, and who can maintain the interest in their field.
  • Individuals who have a sense of mission and passion to be involved in the growth of children.
  • Individuals interested in acquiring skills to communicate with people of diverse ages.
  • Individuals familiar with or interested in school, lifestyles, and education based on their own school experience.
  • Individuals with an interest in and passion for physical education and sports, and who can actively engage not only in classes, but also in club activities.

Educational Goals 1

Flexible learning in line with various issues of health and physical education in secondary education

From the freshman year when they learn fundamental skills to the senior year when they cultivate practical skills, students study a wide range of problems and approaches in the areas of physical education and health from both practice and theory.

Educational Goals 2

Cultivation of physical education teachers as sports specialists

Students learn about the various sports that are part of teaching physical education and gain an understanding of the basics of physical fitness that is not based on the pursuit of victory in competition. They also deepen their study of the methods and goals of physical education based on a cooperative system with the Sports Department.

Educational Goals 3

Four years of accumulated teaching practicum experience

With the goal of acquiring practical teaching skills as a teacher, students accumulate teaching practicum experience over their four years of university study, from an observation-based practicum (compulsory for freshmen) to an experiential practicum (elective for sophomores), their basic teaching practicum (compulsory for juniors), and a supplementary practicum (elective for seniors). Furthermore, using an electronic portfolio, supervisors conduct periodic interviews with students from the time they enroll in the university until their graduation, and we strive to confirm and restructure their learning conditions and issues based on each student’s particular path of study.

Areas of Study

Health and Physical Education, Physical Education, Kinematics, Sports Physiology, School Health Sciences