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 Osaka Kyoiku University (OKU), which was founded in May 1874 as a teacher training school, boasts over 140 years history and tradition. The current number of undergraduate and graduate students totals approximately 4,400, with another over 5,000 students matriculated in affiliated schools. Among Japanese universities, OKU is a one of the leading producers of qualified teachers and a leading large-scale college of education.
 The main campus of OKU was established in the Kongo Ikoma Kisen National Park, in Kashiwara City, Osaka. This campus is approximately 670,000 square meters in area. In addition, OKU also has a campus in Tennoji, in central Osaka.
 The university’s programs are designed to meet the high educational standards of a comprehensive teacher training university. OKU is made up 11 affiliated schools, including primary, secondary, and special needs education that are located in three areas of metropolitan Osaka: Tennoji, Hirano, and Ikeda city.