Natural Sciences Course

Natural Sciences Course, Science,Mathematics and Information, Department of Educational Collaboration

Gaining broad knowledge in the natural sciences

To stay ahead in today’s ever changing society, it is important to take a scientific approach to various events and occurrences. Thus, the cultivation of scientists who can guide and support these activities is essential to our future education and social activities. This cultivates individuals who are equipped not only with specialized knowledge in the natural sciences, but also with the power of understanding, analytical skills, data analysis capabilities, and communication.
We cultivate individuals who can contribute to society, including team schools, by using these technologies, skills, and methodologies to provide feedback into the education and advisory activities that occur in society, including school settings.

Prospective Students

  • Individual who wants to gain knowledge in science and technology and the natural sciences, which is needed in education and corporate environments
  • Individual who has ideas about the effective use of the natural sciences
  • Individual who is eager to explore unknown phenomena and explain their social significance to others
  • Individual who is interested in science-based educational support activities that affect schools
  • Individual who wants to contribute to society by using their knowledge of science and technology and the natural sciences

Educational Goals 1

Develop specialized knowledge in the natural sciences

This program teaches the fundamentals of the natural sciences through classes on the concepts and fundamental ideas in various fields of natural science, and cultivates the ability to understand the contemporary natural sciences through lectures and experimentation in various specialized courses.

Educational Goals 2

Develop problem-solving skills using the knowledge and methods of the natural sciences

Students will develop natural scientific ways of thinking by taking experimental courses and conducting senior thesis research in various fields, and will develop problem-solving skills based on an understanding of the natural sciences.

Educational Goals 3

Develop an education-focused mindset in the natural sciences

Students can acquire a junior/senior high school science instructor certification. We cultivate practical skills in education problem-solving based on an understanding of the natural sciences through education collaboration workshops and project workshops in various fields.