Diploma Presentation Ceremony Held for International Students in First Half of 2012

 On August 8, the diploma presentation ceremony for international students in the first half of the 2012 school year was held at the Main Conference Room on the fourth floor of the Administration Building. Diplomas were given to seven Japanese language/culture students and 21 students with special audit status. As University President Akio Nagao read each student’s name, recipients approached to receive their diploma, wearing a nervous expression. Following congratulatory remarks by President Nagao and International Center Head Yasuhiko Mukai, Japanese language/culture student Fitriyani from Indonesia and special audit student Holtz Ruben from Germany offered their remarks as representatives of the graduating students.
 The entourage later moved to Dining Terra on the first floor of University Hall for a mixer with local international exchange groups and faculty. The mixer featured performances of the Okinawa eisa dance by the Icharibachode Eisa Troupe and a dance by the IDC (International Dance Club), a group made up of five international students. This added tremendous excitement to the occasion.
 At the end of the event, instructors and International Center faculty personally gave each graduating student a commemorative gift and flowers, after which each student offered a final speech, leaving some in tears over what would soon be memories of their time in the program. The students were given a final farewell as they were sent off through a human tunnel formed by all in attendance.

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