Courses for School Teachers

Elementary School Teacher Program / Course for Elementary and Junior High School Teachers / Course for School Nursing Teachers

Cultivating educators needed in contemporary classrooms

As a comprehensive university for education, we are rebuilding courses that meet the need to cultivate “educators necessary in contemporary classrooms,” those who can work to address current educational issues, such as integrated elementary and junior high school education, active learning, and ICT education.

Educational Goals 1

Strive to educate individuals who can adapt to diverse school types

We are cultivating individuals who can adapt to cooperative education strategies between kindergartens and elementary schools, integrated elementary and junior high school education, and strengthen the links between junior and senior high schools.

Educational Goals 2

A system that promotes the continuous accumulation of education practices.

In addition to the teaching practicum in their third and fourth years, students acquire practical teaching skills by participating in diverse school internships starting from their freshman year, where they gain hands-on experience teaching such diverse subjects as science and mathematics, special needs, and global studies.

Educational Goals 3

Learning diagnostics through an electronic portfolio

Students record their study history in an electronic portfolio containing course-work records and teaching practicum records to ensure that they acquire the qualities and skills needed to become teaching professionals. These records serve as tools to provide in-depth guidance, allow students to view and track their history of study, and facilitate skill development.