Mathematics Education Course

Mathematics Education Course, Secondary Education

Striving to achieve the mathematics education of tomorrow

The Mathematics Education Course in the Secondary Education Major strives to cultivate junior and senior high school teachers who have excellent teaching skills and can play a central role in the teaching of math in the future. Thus, we place an emphasis on deepening students’ understanding of math skills and math education.

Prospective Students

  • Individuals who have adequately acquired fundamental academic skills in high school, and have completed math courses through Math III.
  • Individuals who are cheerful and cooperative, and have strong communication skills to communicate with various types of people.
  • Individuals who are eager to study specialized math knowledge and practical skills related to mathematics education.
  • Individuals who are innovative and want to convey the fun and excitement of math to students.
  • Individuals who can actively try to address various math problems using their specialized knowledge.

Educational Goals 1

Learn specialized knowledge required of math teachers

To understand the basic approaches of contemporary math and to equip themselves with mathematical sensibilities, students strive to master advanced specialized knowledge in fields like algebra, geometry, mathematical analysis, probability theory, computer science, and math education. These are the fundamentals for class and material development from the perspective of mathematical exploration.

Educational Goals 2

Acquire practical research skills grounded in specialized knowledge

Students will learn deeply about both the theory and practice of math education at every level from elementary school to high school. They will also be equipped with methods of practical research in education content and education methods so that they will be able to conduct practical research in real-world education settings as teachers responsible for math education.

Educational Goals 3

Cultivating practical teaching skills through teaching practicum

Students will acquire practical teaching skills by experiencing a series of teaching practicum over the course of four years, from an observation-based practicum (compulsory for freshmen) to Internships I and II (elective for sophomores), their basic teaching practicum (compulsory for juniors), and Internships II and III (elective for juniors and seniors). We provide support by conducting periodic interviews with supervisors using an electronic portfolio.

Areas of Study

Algebra, Geometry, Mathematical Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Math Education