Affiliated School

Osaka Kyoiku University has nine affiliated schools and one kindergarten (three elementary schools, three junior high schools, one high school in three school campuses, one school for disabled children and one kindergarten).
These schools and a kindergarten are established and located in Tennoji District and Hirano District in Osaka City, and Ikeda District in northern Osaka. They play important roles in the educational research and practices and teaching practices followed in conjunction with the University as the center, and in conducting various cooperative collaborations, including career and educational advancements, in each district. They have the following features.

Affiliated Schools and Kindergarten

Tennoji District

"Sound development of foundations and basics"
"A long history of unified lower and higher secondary school education"

Ikeda District

"Cultivating living power, creating a foundation for international education"
"International education, cultivation of international understanding and interaction with different cultures"

Hirano District

"Cooperative collaboration education and research"
"'Five Schools Concept' Initiative and Study on Interaction among Different Types of Schools"