Educational Psychology Sciences

Educational Psychology Sciences, Department of Educational Collaboration

Social Pedagogy and Psychology, Wide Range of Knowledge and Expertise

Educational Psychology Sciences strives to produce human resources who have a scientific understanding of various subjects that cover the intersections of human beings and their society, grounded in specialized disciplines like social pedagogy, psychology, and social welfare, and who want to contribute to the development of an inclusive society where everyone can live a fulfilling life. It therefore cultivates education support personnel who have expertise in providing direct support for education activities in team schools, as well as personnel who can provide broad support and guidance for education and training activities held in all kinds of fields and venues in society, including home and corporate settings, and who can create new education activities.

Prospective Students

  • Individual who is interested in social pedagogy, psychology, or social welfare
  • Individual who has the fundamental academic skills required for training in social pedagogy, psychology, or social welfare at the higher education level
  • Individual who engages in theoretical thinking and can clearly express their thoughts in a way that others can understand them
  • Individual who wants a future profession that supports education and training activities in a school, home, or local community
  • Individual who wants to obtain a librarian certification or social education director appointment certification

Educational Goals 1

Systematically study connections between social pedagogy, psychology, and social welfare

By studying these three fields and how they intersect, students will develop an interdisciplinary perspective for addressing issues from multiple angles.

Educational Goals 2

Develop the ability to collaborate with a variety of educational settings

Focus on education activities conducted in all corners of society, including schools, communities, and homes, and consider policies to enable people in many different positions to collaborate on improving education.

Educational Goals 3

Strive to obtain specialized certifications

Strive to obtain certifications for positions like social education director, librarian, and certified psychologist. Support the attainment of even higher levels of certification, such as clinical psychologist or social worker.

Areas of Study

Social Pedagogy, Psychology, Social Welfare