Number of Students

May 1,2022

Course Number of Students
Faculty of Education 3939(169)
Course for Elementary School Teachers Early Childhood Education 69(1)
Elementary School Education Daytime Course 183
Evening Course(5years) 202
Evening Course(Transfer *1) 78
Course for Elementary and Junior High School Teachers Special Needs Education 188(5)
Primary and Secondary Education School Education Course 111
Japanese Language Education Course 168
English Education Course 65(1)
Social Studies Education Course 153(1)
Mathematices Education Course 101
Science Education Course 149(1)
Home Economics Education Course 42
Health and Physical Education Course 124
Music Education Course 43
Art and Calligraphy Education Course 72
Secondary Education Japanese Language Education Course 39
English Education Course 63
Social Studies Education Course 48(1)
Mathematices Education Course 97
Science Education Course 107
Technology Education Course 39
Home Economics Education Course 39
Health and Physical Education Course 45
Music Education Course 42
Art and Calligraphy Education Course 48
Number of Enrollment Prior to 2016 12
Course for School Nursing Teachers 123
Course for Special Needs Education Teachers *2 2
Course for Elementary School Teachers (5years) *2 7
Department of Educational Collaboration Educational Psychology Sciences 162(32)
Health and Safety Sciences 144(13)
Science,Mathematics and Information Mathematics and Information Course 173(28)
Natural Sciences Course 247(11)
Global Education English Communication Course 121(2)
Multicultural Literacy Course 187(69)
Music and Fine Arts Music Course 176
Fine Art Course 41(1)
Sports Sciences 210(2)
Department of Arts and Sciences *2 Human Sciences 3
Culture 1
Mathematival Sciences 3
Natural Sciences 5(1)
Infomation Sciences 5
Music and Fine Arts 4
GRADUATE COURSES (Master's Program) 355(30)
Graduate School of Education Special Needs Education*3 1
Social Studies Education*3 1
International Culture Studies*4 2
Music and Fine Arts Studies*4 3
Health Sciences (Evening Course)*2 12
School of Advanced Professional Collaboration in Education 96(30)
The United Graduate
School of Professional
Teacher Education
School of Advanced Professional Development in Education 240
Postgraduate Diploma Course for Special Needs Education 23
  • The numbers in parentheses represent international students.
  • *1 Accepting from FY2019
  • *2 From FY2017 hiring freeze
  • *3 From FY2019 hiring freeze
  • *4 From FY2021 hiring freeze