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May 1949
Osaka Gakugei University (Osaka University of Liberal Arts) was established by the national government as a national universities in accordance with the National School Law, consolidating the Osaka First Normal School and the Osaka Second Normal School.
April 1954
The Faculty of Liberal Arts was divided into the First Faculty (for day-time courses) and the Second Faculty (for evening course), and the Evening Course was opened at the Tennoji Campus.
June 1967
The University was renamed as Osaka Kyoiku University (Osaka University of Education), and the Faculty of Liberal Arts was renamed as the Faculty of Education.
April 1968
The Graduate School of Education (Master's Programs) was established.
April 1988
The First Faculty and the undergraduate courses were reorganized, and The Department of Arts and Sciences was established as a part of the Faculty of Education.
April 1989
The International Student Center was established.
May 1992
The Kashiwara Campaus was inaugurated, and the Ikeda Campus moved to the Kashiwara Campus.
May 1993
The Hirano Campus and the University Headquarters moved to the Kashiwara Campus.
November 1994
The University celebrated its 120th Anniversary and the Campus Consolidation.
April 2001
The new main building opened on the Tennoji Campus as a part of the Plan of Campus Renovation.
April 2003
The National Mental Support Center for School Crisis was established.
April 2004
The National University Corporation, Osaka Kyoiku University, was established.
April 2006
The Research and Development Center for Teacher Education was established.
April 2007
The Center for Science Education was established.
July 2008
The International Center was established.
April 2010
The Course for Elementary School Teachers and the Course for Junior High School Teachers are reorganized at the Course for School Teachers.
The Career Support Center was established.