School Education Course

School Education Course, Primary and Secondary Education

Become a professional in education, understanding children, and supporting children

The School Education Course equips students with robust skills related to education that go beyond the boundaries of individual subjects through studies in pedagogy, psychology, and ethics education, and based on the skills thus acquired, cultivates educators who are capable of addressing the mounting challenges facing the education system in Japan today.

Prospective Students

  • Individuals who are interested in the human growth and developmental processes from childhood to adolescence.
  • Individuals interested in broadening their perspectives and cultivating flexible analytical skills through acquiring specialized knowledge in the field of either pedagogy, psychology, or ethics education, and who want to make significant contributions to society as educators.

Educational Goals 1

School education and childhood understanding that goes beyond the framework of school subjects

Students will not learn individual subjects like Japanese language and mathematics, but will study the fundamentals of education, such as pedagogy, psychology, and ethics education.

Educational Goals 2

Approaches to various challenges in classroom settings

We consider solutions to various issues facing schools today, including truancy, bullying, classroom disruptions, and information ethics.

Educational Goals 3

A wide variety of faculty members dedicated to pedagogy, psychology, and ethics education

Since we have bolstered staff in a wide range of academic disciplines, students will enjoy attentive instruction made possible by small class sizes.

Areas of Study

Pedagogy, Psychology, and Ethics Education