Course for School Nursing Teachers

School nursing teachers who can play a central role in school health

The Course for School Nursing Teachers trains future school nursing teachers who have fundamental knowledge and practical skills in a broad range of specialized fields, such as medicine, nursing, and school nursing, as well as basic pedagogical knowledge, and who are equipped with the capacity to take advantage of various challenges so that children can develop the ability to maintain and improve their health. Thus, building on the basis of their broad range of liberal arts knowledge and skills, students strive to deepen their study in various fields of specialization, and to improve practical skills through clinical (hospital) training and school nursing practicum. Students also gain knowledge and skills on school safety and crisis management.

Prospective Students

  • Individuals who have the necessary fundamental knowledge and skills to become a school nursing teacher and a strong ambition to acquire sufficient practical educational skills.
  • Individuals who have a strong desire to work as a school nursing teacher, and who can maintain the interest in their field.
  • Individuals who feel a sense of fulfillment and duty in supporting children’s healthy school life.
  • Individuals who have a sense of mission and passion to be involved in the growth of children with special needs.
  • Individuals with the skills and personality to communicate with others cheerfully and warmly.
  • Lectures assume that students have learned biology and chemistry prior to enrollment.

Educational Goals 1

As a school nursing teacher, acquire broad knowledge of general liberal arts as well as skills and strong expertise

Students equip themselves with the appropriate attitude to work in the teaching profession and enhance their understanding of children by taking a broad range of liberal arts and teaching profession classes. In terms of knowledge and skills related to school nursing, students will develop the knowledge and practical skills required of a school nursing teacher by studying a wide range of subjects and cultivating a high level of expertise, taking classes from basic to advanced levels, including classes in anatomical physiology, hygiene, school public health, clinical medical science, nursing, and school nursing.

Educational Goals 2

As a school nursing teacher, improve practical skills to support the mental and physical health of children

Students will learn about the mental and physical health of children through classes of nursing-specialized subjects and will develop practical skills that will enable them to provide appropriate support. Through a series of practicum, including a nursing practicum, clinical (hospital) training, and their school nursing teaching practicum, and through experiences such as school internship activities and volunteer activities, students will study independently and improve their analytical skills, judgment skills, and practical skills through interactions with others.

Educational Goals 3

As a school nursing teacher, develop practical skills to respond to various educational challenges

Students will develop practical skills to respond to various educational challenges, such as bullying, truancy, and other school crises, as well as developmental disorders, based on an understanding of the teaching profession and school nursing. They will also acquire skills that will enable them to partner and collaborate with team schools and specialized institutions.

Areas of Study

School Nursing, Nursing, Clinical Medical Science, Physical Development, Educational Health Science, Health Physiology