Elementary School Education(Evening Course)

Well-rounded and experienced elementary school teachers

The Department of Elementary School Education cultivates elementary school teachers who have a wide range of knowledge, technical skills, and both teaching and counseling skills related to all subjects taught in elementary school, who are able to adapt to contemporary educational issues (such as ICT, developmental disorders, multiculturalism, and foreign language skills, particularly English), and who have strong practical skills grounded in an understanding of the connections between early childhood education and elementary school.
The daytime course equips students with the ability to understand children together with fundamental teaching skills, and strives to cultivate teachers with strong practical classroom skills grounded in an understanding of the connections between early childhood education and elementary school. There is also an evening course (with a maximum of five years of study) that strives to cultivate teachers with deep sense of compassion and social responsibility based on the wealth of their daytime work experience or internship activities in educational settings.

Prospective Students

  • Individuals who have a strong interest in and awareness of issues relevant to elementary school education.
  • Individuals who are equipped with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to become an elementary school teacher.
  • Individuals who are cheerful and cooperative, and have strong communication skills.
  • Individuals who want to learn through extensive hands-on classroom experience and interactions with young children.

Educational Goals 1

In school in the daytime, and on campus in the evening

During the day, students learn in school (e.g., through internships) or out in society (through working full- or part-time). In the evening, they study at the university.

Educational Goals 2

Learn everything, learn extensively

By taking a wide variety of classes about school education, students can acquire numerous skills, both at the university and outside of the university.

Educational Goals 3

Friends in family atmosphere

You will meet friends from many different backgrounds who will have a great variety of experiences different from yours. Through these encounters, you will develop a rich sense of humanity and social responsibility.

Areas of Study

Pedagogy, Psychology, Curriculum Research and Development, Subject Content Studies, Practical Education