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Scholarships Presented to Exchange Students

The OKU Association of International Students’ Supporters’ 2016 scholarship ceremony was held on December 7 (Wed.), and scholarships were awarded to self-supporting foreign exchange students.
The Association of International Students’ Supporters was formed by regional support groups and OKU faculty members to provide financial support to exchange students and promote international interaction with the region. Since 2003, each year the group provides scholarships for international students. This year, scholarships were granted to fifteen students: five from benevolent organizations, seven from the Association of International Students’ Supporters scholarships and three from the Osaka Kashiwara Rotary Club.
Third-year student in the Faculty of Education, Pham Ti Toan of Vietnam, addressed the attendees as the representative of the exchange students, saying, “I loved Japanese culture and Japan’s advanced technology since I was a little kid, and I decided to study in Japan because I wanted to experience Japan’s rich life and a new education environment. To me, far from my family and working part-time to study as I am, this scholarship is huge, incredibly valuable support, and it will allow me to spend more time on my school work and club activities. I plan to continue studying regional development and how to transmit traditional culture to the next generation. In the future when I return home, I plan to help preserve my country’s valuable culture. I will take full advantage of the scholarship that I have received and this opportunity to work toward my dreams.”
The Association of International Students’ Supporters plans to continue to expand the program to increase their support.