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OKU graduate student achieved 3rd place at the OSAKA International Music Competition

Takako Chida, a second-year graduate student in the Music Course of the Music and Fine Arts Studies major, placed third in the recital division of the 17th OSAKA International Music Competition.
 This international music competition is held by the Osaka International Music Society with the aim of discovering musicians who will go out on the international scene. Dean Thomas Kreuzberger of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna presides over the panel of judges. There are numerous divisions including piano, voice, strings, winds, period instruments, piano duets, ensembles, and folk music, and Ms. Chida won the prize in the recital division for a 45-minute program she constructed.


Takako Chida

 Ms. Chida, who studied Debussy as an undergraduate, encountered the music of Olivier Messiaen while studying under Assistant Professor Mako Okamoto as a graduate student. For this competition, she chose a challenging program consisting of pieces from three composers: Alexander Scriabin, Debussy, and Messiaen. Her comments about the program were: “These three composers are connected in the passage of time. I wanted to express the similarities and differences in the characteristics of their work. I took care to emphasize changes in tone and atmosphere.” The program is highly colorful with a variety of tempos, and evokes a mysterious feel.
 Ms. Chida practiced for 7 to 8 hours a day during summer vacation to learn the highly technically demanding Messiaen pieces. With a joyful smile, she said: “I competed in the piano division as an undergraduate, but didn’t win anything. I’m very happy that I won with a program of composers I’ve studied. I’d like to sincerely thank my teachers.” She also commented about her aspirations: “Music is not something you can finish learning in your lifetime. I want to improve my skills and compete in competitions, and also to teach children.”

Program performed
 Alexander Scriabin: Piano Sonata No. 2 “Sonata-Fantasy” Op. 19
 Claude Debussy: “VI. General Lavine – eccentric” and “XII. Fireworks” from Preludes Book II
 Olivier Messiaen: “11. The Virgin's first communion”, “13. Christmas”, and “10. Contemplation of the joyful Spirit” from Twenty Contemplations on the Infant Jesus