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2015 International Student Scholarship Award Ceremony

The OKU Association of International Student Supporters scholarship ceremony was held on December 2 at the Kashiwara Campus, and scholarships were awarded to self-supporting foreign exchange students.
The Association of International Student Supporters was formed by regional support groups and OKU faculty to provide financial support to exchange students and promote international interaction with the region. Since 2003, each year the group provides scholarships for international students. This year, scholarships were granted to fifteen students - five from benevolent organizations, seven from the Association of International Student Supporters and three from the Rotary Club.
Representing the international students, Ms. Gan Geng (China), a second-year science education major at the Graduate School of Education, made opening remarks. “Although I’m busy doing my seminar research work, I couldn’t cut down on my part-time job hours because I don’t receive money from home. This scholarship allows me to focus more on my research. I plan to work in Japan after I graduate, and I will always remember the blessing that I am receiving now. I hope to return the contribution to society by becoming a bridge between Japan and China,” stated Ms. Gan, thanking the organization.
The Association of International Student Supporters plans to continue to expand the program to increase their support.