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Mike Y.K Guu , president of Taiwan’s National Pingtung University, visits OKU and participates in agreement renewal signing ceremony

President Mike Y.K Guu and Professors Li Xingyi and Zheng Yaoting of National Pingtung University--OKU’s Taiwanese exchange partner--visited the Kashiwara Campus on Thursday, June 4.
National Pingtung University of Education (NPUE), which entered into an academic exchange agreement with OKU in 2013, merged with National Pingtung Institute of Commerce in August 2014 to become National Pingtung University. The agreement renewal signing ceremony was held to coincide with the group’s visit.
OKU President Sumio Kuribayashi and Vice President Yasuhiko Mukai, together with the art education faculty who have been involved in academic exchanges with NPUE, exchanged views on the development of global human resources, university reform and other issues. After a welcome lunch, the visitors took a tour of OKU facilities, classes and labs.
President Kuribayashi expressed his hope that the renewal will encourage an increase in the exchange of personnel.