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Students share their experiences of language study program at Australia’s Griffith University

Presentations on the language study program held from February 5 to March 15 at the English language school affiliated with Griffith University, OKU’s Australian exchange partner, were given on April 15.
This language study program, known as “Study of Overseas Cultures,” was made available as a basic education course, and those completing the course and satisfying the requirements receive course credit.
At the presentation, the majority of the nine participants presented in English on themes such as “Art and Culture in Australia,” “Communication in English,” “People I Met in Australia,” and “Sun Smart,” demonstrating what they learned in Australia.
The language program serves many students as a step to further language study; some of the participants will continue their English language studies during a semester or year abroad at Griffith University or other universities in the U.S. or Sweden. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the program at Griffith University. Many past participants have gone on to become teachers and university faculty members in a variety of fields.
The University has an exchange student program with Griffith University based on a partnership agreement that currently allows one OKU student to attend Griffith University, and three Griffith students to attend OKU. The University plans to continue to develop opportunities for mutual exchange.