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Interns Received from Seoul National University of Education

"Ten students from partner Seoul National Unversity of Education (SNUE; South Korea) participated in the global internship program at our university from Monday, January 16 to Sunday, February 12. The program started last year based on a request from SNUE, so this was the second time for it to be implemented.

The purpose of the program is two-fold: for SNUE, it is to turn out teachers with international perspectives and outstanding skills, and for Osaka Kyoiku University, it is to promote understanding among our students with respect to this Korean university turning out outstanding global human resources and training of primary school teachers through interaction with Korean students.

In the first half of the four-week program, the interns audited the Course for School Teachers and classes at the International Center at the Kashiwara Campus. In the second half of the program, the interns observed classes at Arakawa Elementary School, Taiheiji Elementary School and Nagasekita Elementary School in Higashiosaka City. The interns studied hard in both environments and actively interacted with students at our university and at the elementary schools. Notably, many of the students at elementary schools in Higashiosaka City have roots in the Korean peninsula, so they were also very interested in the students from South Korea. We were told that it was a positive influence on them.

This program was adopted as a 2011 Student Exchange Support (Short-Term Stay) Program of the Japan Student Services Organization (""Internship Program at Japanese Elementary Schools for Students of Universities of Education in South Korea""), and the interns were provided with scholarships."

Interns Received from Seoul National University of Education
Interns Received from Seoul National University of Education