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Campus Visited by Science Teachers of Thailand

On June 16 (Wed.), a group of 31 Thai science teachers visited our university-attached high school in Tennoji Campus. Through training and touring in Japan, their purpose is to learn the latest educational practice and effectively implement it in their classrooms.
Our university has exchange agreements with 40 regional universities of the Kingdom of Thailand, and various exchange programs have been conducted, including visits by the Minister Counselor of Office of Educational Affairs, Royal Thai Embassy.
Building onto this relationship, their visit this time was realized as part of the "training trip to Japan for human resource development targeted for the science teachers in the regional educational institutions of Thailand," requested by the Thai Embassy.
On the day of their visit, Vice President Hiroaki Oka lectured on the SSH (super science high school), and they observed the equipments relating to the SSH. Trainees asked many questions regarding the structure of the SSH and challenges in implementing it.

Campus Visited by Science Teachers of Thailand
Campus Visited by Science Teachers of Thailand