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Visitor: JICA Youth Invitation Program (elementary/middle school level science and mathematics), Filipino Group

A group of sixteen educators of elementary/secondary school level science and mathematics from the Philippines, supported by JICA Youth Invitation Program, visited us on February 5th (Fri).This training was arranged for them to learn about the science and mathematics pedagogy and teacher training systems in Japan.In the morning, summarized structure of our university was presented, and our teacher training courses were explained. Our academic staff and students from science/math education courses joined the conference in the afternoon. There was a Q&A session regarding the educational circumstances of both countries, and active discussion took place, on the current conditions and issues focused on the science/math education. They also observed the class “Microscope World”, and joined the students in an experiment using microscopes.During their visit, the educators actively communicated with us to deepen the understanding of the teacher training system in Japan.

Visitor: JICA Youth Invitation Program, Filipino Group
Visitor: JICA Youth Invitation Program, Filipino Group